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We also suggest for the Cancer diet, to include the Camu Camu, because its high content of Vitamin C and and Cats Claw two powerful natural herbs that certainly will help with your disease and are 100% Natural. We recently include in to your weapons as anti cancer herbs the Graviola Tea. ( this is the most natural and powerful way to fight against tumors and cancer cells.( Read a recent report of Purdue University about their findings in the Graviola leaves.
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Cancer and Tumors

There are several natural cancer and tumors treaments but the more famous are three or them. The first one it is easy to implement and there are no complications with a chemioterapy or the Radiotherapy. The treament was discovered byt Dr Johana Budwig and it is based in flax seeds and and cottage chesse also known as Protocole Budwig..

Johanna Budwig was a German biochemist. She developed the Budwig protocol, a supposed anti-cancer diet.She was nominee to the Nobel price of Medicine seven times. Born: September 30, 1908..Died: May 19, 2003.

Budwig dose:

1 A cup of organic low fat cottage cheese made at home, if it is possible or you can use organic yogurt.

2-5 coffee spun or flaxseeds

ad pure water to make the mix easy to swallow, of course you can add if you like
sme bee honey or fruits as watter mellon or other kind of fruits. Certainly there are some variantions for the formula like the Flaxseed oil instead of the flaxseed.

The other caution is that you must prepare your flaxseed with a "coffee grinder" and eat all the contens in no more than 20 minutes ( or the flaxseed will be not usefull)

he specialists of the Buwdig Center suggest a diet that include minerals, and vitamin and , D in others. Dr Budwig suggest to suppress sugar and all kind of fast food.

Johanna Budwig was a German biochemist and author. She developed the Budwig protocol, a supposed anti-cancer diet. Born in September 1908 ad died at 95 years old in May 2003.

The Second Cancer alternative as been promoted by a brasilian monk Romano Zago
who based in ancient formula that include basically "Aloe Vera" ( Aroboricens"
Aloe arborescens is richer in nutraceuticals contains over 70 anti-cancer properties.

The second suggestion is to use a dose of Vitamin "C". as Dr linus Paulign suggest
just to boost the inmune system to use your own natural forces to fight against malign cancer cells.. But if you are allergic to oranges and lemon you can use the Peruvian Camu Camu it contains more vitamin C than any other fruit in the planet.

The third suggestion it is oriented to change the environment where the cancer malign cell reproduce baking soda, the one that is cheap and you cn find at any drug store no prescription it is needed the poweder must be mixed with plain filtered water 1/4 of tea spoon three times a day. In the internet there are a lot of information about the action of baking soda against cancer cells.


The following herbs may help to improve health condition.

- The Camu Camu berry in tabs
- Cat´s Claw.
- Masasambaa ( Peruvian Graviola ).
- Purple Corn.

The following herbs are actually used in Peru as a natural cancer treatment. Graviola,Cats Claw, Camu Camu, Zea Mays, also Achiote and Curcuma.

The graviola it is basically a fruit that you can get at any fruit store and cats claw it is a bark you can also get it in caps as well as herbal tea bags, The Camu Camu it is a berry easy to fin at least in Peru and Zea Mays (Purple Corn).Peruvian used to prepare a beverage. The Achiote it is a specie used to give red color and it is a powerful anti-inflamatory herb. The Curcuma it is also to provide yellow color to foods.

Now let me to provide a brief introduction about The Graviola is a miraculous product to kill the cancerous cells. Is 10.000 more powerful times than chemotherapy. why are not aware of it? Because there are business interests incolved with multinationals who are actually trying to find a way to produce synthetic drug version, that permit them to obtain

fabulous utilities. So from now on you can help a friend that need it, causing knowing that agrees him to drink juice of guanábana to prevent the illness. Its flavor is pleasant. And of course does not produce the horrible effects of the

chemotherapy. And yes it has the possibility to do it, strike a tree of guanábana in its rear patio. All its parts are equipment. The next time that you want to drink a juice, ask it of guanábana. How many people die while this secret has been jealously kept for put not in irrigations the utilities multimillionaires of large corporations? As you well knows it the tree about guanábana is low. Does not it occupy a lot of space, him is known with the name of Graviola in Brazil, guanábana in Spanish America, and "Soursop" in English. The fruit is very large and its sweet, white pulp, is eaten directly or it is employed normally, to devise beverages, sherbets, sweet etc. The interest of this plant itself due to its strong effects anti carcinogenic. And although they are attributed him many more properties, it more interesting of her is the effect that produces on the tumors..

This plant is a remedy of cancerand have been tested on several kind of cancer diseases. People who have received graviola belives that it is a great tool against certain kind of cancer cells. It it is considered besides as an agent anti-microbial of wide spectrum against the bacterial infections and by mushrooms;is efficient against the internal parasites and the worms, to reduce high arterial tension and it is antidepresive, battle the tension and the nervous disorders.

The source of this fascinating information proceeds of one of the largest pharmaceutical research laboratories, who affirms that after more than 20 random laboratory tests from 1970 the research report revealed that: It destroys the harmful cells in 12 types of cancer, including that of colon, of chest, of prostate, of lung and of the pancreas… The composed of this tree

showed to act 10,000 better times retarding the growth of the cells of cancer that the product Adriamycin, a chemotherapy drug normally used in the world. And what is still more amazing: this type of therapy, with the Graviola, or Guanábana, destroys only the harmful cancer cells but does not affect the healthy cells.

If for certain reason you cannot get the fruits or herbs at your location we can provide those products in tabs and come in their natural way as tea bags. Please
check here


Institute of Sciences of the Health, L. L. C. 819 N.



*Do not be used during pregnancy.


Cats Claw Boost your inmune system
Buy the Peruvian Cats Claw ( uña de gato)
Camu Camu it is a Super Vitamin C. Twenty times more powerful than any other vitamin C and it is none acid.
Yacon anti Cancer tea
Certainly there are things that you can do at home just adding some dietary changes. such as to increase your dossage of vitamin C. also you can drink some herbal tea as cats claw and guanaba tea. also instead to drink a soda you can drink a purple corn or take a pill the above products are 100 natural an organic and you can buy
boy now the best Peruvian organic Camu Camu

The camu camu cherries contains more vitamin "C" than any other fruit in the world. It is a superb anti oxidant and a powerful immune booster, extremely suggested for cancer treatment.


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